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OEL offers an extensive line of highly advanced integrated ventilation systems and motion sensor lighting for every Cal Rating. 

The innovative Fan & Light Hoods provide a gentle and quiet breeze that keeps your employees cool and decreases hazardous effects of lens fogging and potential lack of sight in low-visibilty work areas. The hood was engineered specifically to prevent neck fatigue with its lightweight dual fan system and LED light design which carefully distributes weight around the head evenly. 

OEL's most advanced switchgear hoods apply and use motion detecting technology to provide your employees with extensive visibility when in dark environments. Smooth hand motions in front of the motion activation LED light will automatically engage the unit, without having to remove rubber gloves or other PPE.  


Reduces heat stress by allowing cool air to circulate for a much more comfortable work atmosphere. Designed with removable internal fans and velcro light unit.
Batteries included with fan and light units.
Offered in 8 cal/cm2, 12 cal/cm2, 25 cal/cm2, 40 cal/cm2, and 74 cal/cm2 switchgear hoods.

Fan units are not intended to be used as respirators.