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OEL 8 Cal Clothing is built from the highest grade of FR textiles in the USA. OEL offers a superior product to its competition. Rest assured that you and your employees are taken care of. 

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Available in: 
Coveralls, Jacket and Bibs, and Long (50") Coats. 

Meets NFPA 70E, ASTM 1506-2001 and OSHA 1910-269

Available Sizes:
S   M   L   XL   2XL   3XL   4XL   5XL

Catalog #
AFW08-KFC-(size)                           8 cal/cm2 Coverall
AFW08-KJ-(size)                               8 cal/cm2 Jacket
AFW08-KBO-(size)                           8 cal/cm2 Bib Overalls
AFW08-KCO-(size)                           8 cal/cm2 50" Long Coat
AFW8SGH-K 8 cal/cm2 Switchgear Hood